Stay Pet Resort is a hands-on socialized environment providing the comforts and amenities of home.

Our luxury suites and villas include daily exercise activities, comfortable bedding options and late night potty break. We keep your dog on their regular schedule with four daily potty breaks, so they have a comfortable night rest. Included is an additional fun daily activity, which provides both physical and mental stimulation during their stay.

Join the club…Club member status means your dog is a frequent guest of the Resort (minimum 40 nights boarding per year). Club member status means your dog is very comfortable at the resort and we have become a second family. Their overnight stay is stress-free because they are used to our established routine. Once a member of the club you will have a reduced boarding nightly rate (10%), extended play times and priority boarding during peak season.


Daily exercise keeps your dog healthy, happy and provides fun activities with friends. Our daily exercise activities are included in your reservation. Utilizing our indoor and outdoor play areas; we customize your dog's exercise based on age, health, stamina and length of boarding. For example; a dog who is boarding for seven days may need longer naps between playtimes. Daily activity is in addition to four potty breaks throughout the day. All guests take a lunchtime nap between 12pm-2pm.

  • Group play with friends and attendant
  • BFF play with small group of friends and guest attendant
  • Individual playtime with guest attendant
  • Private playtime in play yard


$ 55

  • All Suites feature tempered glass-front Mason Company Suites
  • Luxury raised and padded bedding
  • Verus holistic dog food, locally made in Maryland
  • Late night potty break with gourmet treat
  • Daily exercise activity


$ 95

Garden Villa’s have an outside secure private artifical turf play area and premium bed with hotel bedding.

  • Full day of daycare included
  • Personal webcam & TV
  • Verus holistic dog food, locally made in Maryland
  • Late night potty break with gourmet treat
  • Daily Mini Bar Treat
  • Spa bath with extended massage after 2 night stay
  • Daily exercise activity